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Here's Your Guide to Relocating to the Lowcountry

At Kenton Selvey Real Estate we have a deep affinity and understanding of the Lowcountry. We specialize in finding luxury homes for our clients, providing the highest quality “white glove” service to buyers relocating to Charleston. We not only love our hometown and it’s rich history, we know it's legends and can’t wait to share them.  We embrace Charleston’s rich traditions and unrivaled spirit and are passionate about helping buyers become a part of the Charleston we love. 

We are experts at relocation.  We know the stress that comes from relocating and we minimize it.  We take the time to learn about our clients - and truly listen to their reasons for moving to the lowcountry.  The more we know about your aspirations, lifestyle, community preferences, design tastes, and day-to day-needs, the faster we can match you to the perfect Charleston community and dream home.  

No one knows the local real estate market better than we do - and that is essential given the many “micro-markets” in Charleston.  We are constantly on top of market conditions, inventory, and sales trends and will provide you all of the information you need in order to make informed real estate decisions.  And after you close on your new home our relationship will continue.  Considering we have been a leading boutique real estate firm in Charleston since 1933, our company is uniquely positioned to help your relocation by providing local moving advice, searching for temporary rental properties if necessary, or connecting you with trusted companies to work with as you get your new household up and running.  This isn’t just a transaction for us.  We treat you like neighbors because it is our hope that one day you will be!


Who We Are

Established in 1933, William Means is one of the oldest real estate firms in Charleston.  As a boutique firm – we are leaders in Charleston’s luxury real estate market.  We consistently rank as a top real estate firm – with over $400 Million in annual company-wide sales at an average sales price of more than $1 Million. As Charleston’s exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, we have unparalleled access to affluent buyers and sellers across the globe and are uniquely positioned through our extensive marketing platforms to sell luxury properties worldwide.



If you are considering moving to Charleston, you are making an incredibly good choice.

Charleston is teeming with glorious white sandy beaches, marshes that are home to some of the most endearing and unique habitat and eclectic cuisines offered nowhere else on earth. It also offers a close-knit community of strangers who quickly become friends and neighbors, with a modern flair and convenience, while still maintaining its historical and artistic tradition.



What we love about the Lowcountry is its mild weather year-round, with average temperatures never swaying from the mid-60s to lower 80s. That means residents can enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year. Whether you are a beachcomber looking to sit a spell or an outdoor enthusiast who wants to take to the waterways, there is a little something for everyone. And after a long day of fun and sun, there is no shortage of restaurants and cafes to fill yourselves, shopping to peruse, and side stands to take in some sweet tea and watch the sunset down on the water.

Along with the historical and artistic side of Charleston is its affinity for sporting and games. Charleston is home to minor league soccer, baseball, and hockey teams. It also has an abundance of world-renowned tennis courts where matches are made from around the world. When living or playing in Charleston, there is never a shortage of things to do.


Although feeling like a quaint and old-world community, the economy in Charleston is anything but small-town. Over the last year, the job market Charleston-wide has increased by 0.7%, with future job growth forecasts being about 35.9% over the next decade. That is more than the average job growth prediction for the nation as a whole. And while the unemployment rates around the country are at their lowest, 3.7%, Charleston is still beating the average with a current low 2.6% unemployment rate.

The Lowcountry is also home to some of the biggest industries and Fortune 500 Companies nationwide. It currently supports more than 100 aerospace companies, with Boeing topping the list. And was ranked third in the automotive manufacturing sector, according to a Business Facilities 2012 Report. Charleston, along with the entire state of South Carolina, is gaining in the biotechnology and life sciences industry too. It has over 35 pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers and 50 research development and laboratory companies.

The Port of Charleston is the seventh-largest container ports in the US, and it also has five major airports to supply its commerce and industry internationally. The Lowcountry has a good majority of the recycling market, which employs 37,000 in South Carolina. So although it has a small community feel, there is no lack of potential and job advancement. An abundance of opportunities exists for people to set down roots, while also conquering the marketplace.


One thing certainly not lacking in Charleston is art appreciation. Charleston is home to the Dock Street Theatre, the very first public theater in America, which is now only one of many. There are a vast number of community theaters, one being the new Gaillard Center, which is where you can hear the majestic sounds of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. And on any given night, you can also see modern dance, ballet, and stage performers. The Lowcountry also has numerous art studios and exhibits, as well as comedy improv and community-based poetry readings.

Charleston is also teeming with festivals and community arts affairs. It hosts internationally recognized festivals like Spoleto Festival USA and the Charleston Wine and Food Festival, which has people flocking from all ends of the earth. The Lowcountry encourages artistic display throughout the city where performers sing and act out in the open, talented weavers show off their sweetgrass baskets, and musicians are welcomed to play to their heart's content.


What people love most about the Lowcountry are its deep-seated tradition and old-world preservation. The downtown, although brimming with modern conveniences and upscale industry, is still lined by quaint cobblestone streets. The churches of Charleston date back hundreds of years and have been well-maintained, enough so that you feel as if you walk back in time. So although it is a community that is growing with industry potential and modernity; none of the elegance and charm has been lost or overshadowed. Many things stand today, just as they had pre-civil war era and earlier.


Although the architecture and rich historical feel of Charleston might lead you to believe that it is a town set in the past, the food scene would say otherwise. The restaurants are just one of the reasons that Charleston is a tourist's favorite destination. Whether you are looking for eclectic, Southern-style BBQ, or sushi, there is something for every taste and palate. Some of the most world-renowned chefs have made Charleston their home and continue to cook up some of the freshest and most spectacular plates from around the world. At night, the not-so-sleepy Lowcountry comes alive with incredible nightlife, cuisine that is outstanding and unique, and skyscapes and ocean views that are breathtaking.

When you make the Lowcountry home, you get the best of all things possible. It is a community like nowhere else on earth, where you get the best of modern times combined with the history of the past that should never be forgotten.



Charleston is one of the oldest and dearest cities in the United States. It is not only known for its charm and tradition, it is a bouillabaisse of American history. Charleston dates back to 1670 and it was officially the first English settlement south of Virginia. Currently, it has been preserved like nowhere else in the United States, having the largest number of pre-Revolutionary homes in the nation.

And standing against the stately mansions erected afterward, Charleston is an example of one of the finest eminence of architectural past. Added to the tradition and history afforded by the Charleston area from the test of time are amazing four-star restaurants, upscale shopping and night-life that doesn’t end when the lights go down. That is why Charleston was voted the Best City in the World by Travel + Leisure. But to the people who live there, it is just a small-knit, welcoming community with southern hospitality, charm and a neighborly feel.


The Ravenel Bridge is just east of downtown Charleston. And it is home to the coastal town of Mount Pleasant. Although not a sleepy town, it has a population of over 84,000; it is teeming with economic development and progress that makes it a traditional-style community amidst modernity. The Older section of Mount Pleasant has a magnificent National Historic District aligned with antebellum homes, and it also houses one of the most breath-taking views Fort Sumter and Charleston Harbor.

There are no shortages of waterways to enjoy from rolling creeks to marshes and rivers where you can swim and play, or visit nature in its habitat. When you couple all of the natural scenery of Mount Pleasant with the friendly and welcoming residents, it is a wonderful place to visit or to set up roots and start to build a family of your own.


The Isle of Palms is a stretch of pristine beaches that spans from end to end. Although it is one of the best rated areas to vacation, it is also a place that many people call home. The average summer temperature stays steady at 74 degrees all throughout the months from April to October. It is a self-contained city, originated in 1953, and it contains its very own Public Works Department.

The Wild Dunes Resort resides on Isle of Palms, which is rated one of the best vacation rental sports world-wide. And it has two fantastic 18-hole Championship golf courses which were designed expertly by Tom Fazio. Not only is it ranked among the top “world's Greatest 100” Ocean Courses by Golf Magazine, it is also home to the Dunes “Top 50” tennis center. So, when visiting or living on the Isle of Palms, there is definitely no shortage of things to see, play or enjoy!


Daniel Island was established in 1995, and although one of the newest Charleston areas to be developed, it has quickly become one of the most sought after. Daniel’s Island is surrounded by creeks and rivers and is family-friendly with several parks and trails for biking, hiking, and water sports. The downtown center is an excellent place where neighbors come together. And any given weekend there are an abundance of festivals and things happening for everyone to join in. The Island is home to several corporate headquarters and it hosts the Volvo Car Open tennis tournament, each spring, among many other events.


Sullivan is the home to the Historic Fort Moultrie, which is the site where the largest Revolutionary Battle took place.

It lies just south of the Isle of Palms, which is a seaside town that still has a hometown community feel. The beaches of Sullivan’s Island are serene and uncrowded, and that is what attracts many families to set up roots. It is also home to an award-winning elementary school, which is why it has become one of the best places for families to live and play year round in the Charleston area.


The West Ashley suburb lies just to the west of the Charleston Peninsula. It is bordered by the Stono and Ashley Intercoastal Waterway.

In 1670, Charles Towne Landing became the first South Carolina settlement, and it still resides in West Ashley. It is also home to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Drayton Hall and Middleton Place, three of the most prestigious and spectacular plantations of the South.

The West Ashley suburb is close to downtown and easily accessible. But should you want to stay put, it is also home to wonderful restaurants, businesses and shops so you never have to venture far out. The most wonderful part about West Ashley is its insistence to maintain the old world charm and tradition that it was founded on.


Framed by the Charleston Harbor and Wappoo Creek to the north is a sea island by the name of James Island. Folly Beach and Morris Island lie to the east and Johns Island and Stono River are just to the west. James Island is a close-knit community with beautiful scenic surroundings all around.

There is no shortage of nature lovers paradise from all directions, whether it is taking a day at the dog park, jogging and biking trails that stretch from end to end, picnic areas or golfing; there is a little something for everyone. And since the weather is tepid year round, there isn’t ever an excuse to get out there and get moving. The Municipal Golf Course is available for everyone, or you can become a member at the Country Club of Charleston, which is home to the very first golfing club in America.


On the Southern end of Berkeley County, is an area called Goose Creek. It is known for its self sustaining offering to live, work and play all while never having to venture far. The city was established in 1961 and the area is teeming with rich history and tradition. The Medway Plantation, dates back to 1686 and it is a plantation that sprawls over 6700 acres on the National Registry of Historical Places.

Goose Creek might have a small-town feel, but it also offers local businesses and industry and multinational corporations so many can have a career close to home. The city of Goose Creek remains the 8th largest municipality in South Carolina and is just a short 20 miles from Charleston, so you get the best of both worlds, small town living next to the bustle of a major city.


Moncks Corner is famous for its hospitality and amazing weather.

Named after Thomas Monck, it began as a small trading post consisting of just a few stores and taverns, but has grown to a population of over 10,000. It is now home to the Old Santee Canal State Park, Mepkin Abbey and Cypress Gardens, which makes it a wonderful town of exploration and adventure.


Located just 20 miles northwest of Charleston is the town of Summerville. Over the past 15 years, Summerville has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity. But even with all of its growing pains, it has still maintained its small town, close-knit community feel. Summerville was originally settled in the 18th century where Charleston’s residents went to escape the heat of the coast. It is now home to public schools, a quaint downtown area and an old fashioned town square.

The residents enjoy antique shops, restaurants, and having everything they need within reach. And it is also a vacationers ideal spot. The Annual Flowertown Festival might attract people from all around for spring, but that is not to be outdone by the Summerville High School football games when the fall chill first hits. After all, John McKissick has the most wins of any other high school coach in the United States.



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Work With Kenton

I know what it means to call the Lowcountry home. And it’s my mission to help you call it home too. It’s why we work so hard to make your real estate dreams come true. It’s why we build relationships, not databases. It’s why we treat everyone like a neighbor, because it’s our intention that one day you will be.

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