Why Marketing Matters When Selling Your Home

Why Marketing Matters When Selling Your Home

Marketing in today's real estate environment requires increased professionalism and assertiveness. Gone are the days of putting a sign in the yard and calling it a day. Buyers in the luxury market demand a high level of attention. They expect access to certain aspects of each listing, such as photos, videos, 3D options, virtual walkthroughs, and more. With new technologies available to realtors, the possibilities for marketing are endless. Below is an exploration of why marketing is vital to successfully marketing homes for sale in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Understand the importance of marketing

A realtor's job is to provide a full-service marketing plan for their clients. Marketing your home in the best possible light lets sellers capture the attention of potential and motivate them to take the next step – either scheduling an in-person tour, taking a virtual tour, or reaching out to the realtor for more information.

Integrating numerous marketing tactics into one package is critical for success when selling a luxury property. Be sure to select a realtor with experience with marketing upscale properties and who can harness the power of technology and fundamental marketing options. Additionally, ensure your realtor markets to other agents just as competently as they do for potential buyers. Other realtors have clients looking for Mount Pleasant, SC, real estate, and spreading the word about your desirable listing is essential.

The first piece of marketing most realtors use is to upload your property on the Multiple Listing Services site. Used by realtors around the country, the MLS provides valuable data to realtors and their clients. Information such as the square footage, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, outdoor amenities, and more is available on the MLS listings to help develop a complete picture of your home.

Use digital marketing to sell your home

While using the MLS is critical to marketing your home, additional strategies will make your luxury property stand out. Digital marketing allows you to take advantage of technology to showcase your home. Hiring a professional photographer will let buyers view your home through the best lens. Proper lighting and photos captured during different times of the day help convey the essence of your property and communicate to buyers the exclusivity of your home. Investing in a professional shows buyers you are serious about the sale and want to make a lasting first impression.

Options for viewing your home in 3D are also available. This incredible feature lets buyers tour your home online and have a 3D perspective. Since so many potential buyers view properties online first, this feature keeps your luxury property front and center compared to other listings currently on the market.

Ensure your listing appears in internet searches immediately

Now that your photography and videography are squared away, it is time to turn your attention to online search engines. Promoting internet marketing is particularly useful for buyers out of town and searching for properties remotely. In these instances, you want to ensure your listing comes up quickly. Make sure your realtor knows how to have your listing appear on page one of the results since many buyers will not scroll past the first page.

Offer virtual tours

Virtual tours allow potential buyers to view your home in an online walkthrough of your house, regardless of where they live. Virtual tours benefit remote buyers who may not be located in your area and are exploring Daniels Island homes for sale.

By maximizing the number of views of your property, you will elevate your listing and attract serious buyers to your upscale and exclusive home. Making a notable first impression with high-quality tours and photos saves buyers and sellers time and money while searching for properties. Professionals understand the importance of short videos, keeping visitors engaged on the site for as long as possible, and increasing the likelihood of buyers scheduling a tour or even making an offer.

Take advantage of social media

Thanks to targeted advertising, you can harness the power of social media like never before. If a potential buyer searches for homes in your neighborhood one time and then moves on to something else, they will more than likely see a Facebook advertisement reminding them to continue searching for a house similar to yours. By clicking on the ad, they will reconnect to the sales process leading to your property.

Social media provides a magnificent opportunity to connect you with intentional buyers who have already shown interest in your home. Thanks to the stellar photography and videography already in place, potential buyers can easily decide to take the next step in exploring your listing.

Use email to target potential buyers

With email, real estate agents can develop a relationship with a potential buyer interested in owning a property in your area. Knowing interested buyers are actively seeking luxury properties like yours helps them craft newsletters and other marketing pieces to keep them engaged with your listing.

Your realtor may spotlight your home in their subsequent email communication. They will address the elevated features of your home and highlight essential aspects such as renovations, upgrades, and other amenities. Emphasis on bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, neighborhood features, and more will be part of the email. And, of course, links to photos and videos will be available. The more information buyers can gather about your home, the more likely they will purchase it.

Invest in direct mail

Sometimes the tried and true methods still provide the greatest return. The key to successful direct mail marketing lies in timing. You would not send a holiday greeting card in June, so the same is true for real estate. Sending a postcard of a "new listing" after a house is under contract lacks forethought and professionalism. Be sure your realtor invests time and effort in studying the market and preparing the mailer so delivered promptly. Your realtor will also explicitly include what the recipient should do next. Call the realtor, schedule a tour, or check out the property online are all possible options.

If you are looking for an innovative marketer with stellar negotiation skills and a passion for selling real estate, contact Kenton Selvey. His expertise in the luxury market provides trend analysis and superior market data to determine what your property is worth, resulting in unparalleled real estate transactions throughout the Charleston area.

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