In the past twenty years, Daniel Island has gone from an undeveloped area to one of the most desirable places to live in the Charleston area. I admit I’m biased, as I’m a Daniel Island resident myself, but I know there are many wonderful reasons to buy a home in Daniel Island now. Here are just five of them.

1. Daniel Island is Nearing the End of Home Development

Daniel Island is a shining example of a successful master-planned community. Since the first homes were built a little over twenty years ago, the community has grown, thrived, and attracted more and more families over the years. 

However, as an island, the land is limited and as of 2020 we’re nearing the end of development. With fewer and fewer lots left, there are fewer opportunities remaining to build your dream house on Daniel Island. Of course, you may find your dream home already built, but if you want to have a say in the design and layout, you should consider buying one of the remaining lots before they are sold and developed. 

2. Daniel Island is Adding More Facilities

While the home development is slowing as lots grow scarcer, the community itself continues to grow with new facilities and amenities for residents.

One exciting new addition to the island is the yacht club, which is under development as part of Waterfront Park on the Wando River. This gives residents a new outlet for boating, sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, crabbing, and more. The park itself will feature more hiking trails, play equipment, and a hammock garden. 

Another project on the horizon is a new performance hall, a long-held dream for many residents. The proposed hall would accommodate both performance spaces and corporate conference rooms. 

These are in addition to existing facilities and amenities that residents already enjoy, including the Volvo Car Stadium, the Family Circle Tennis Center, and many parks, pools, boat landings, and 25+ miles of trails.

3. Daniel Island is Perfect for Families

One of the things that drew my family to Daniel Island was the feeling of community, togetherness, and safety. We love living in a place with values like these that are old-fashioned in the best sense. I believe this truly sets Daniel Island apart and helps make it a great place for families. 

Another thing families will value is the quality of the schools here. The Daniel Island Academy, a private school for young children, and the Daniel Island School, a public elementary and middle school, are very well regarded. Bishop England High School, a private Catholic school, is one of the top high schools in the state. 

Plus, with two large digital companies here, Benefitfocus and Blackbaud, Daniel Island is attracting many young, upwardly mobile, and educated families who can work, go to school, live, and play all right here. 

4. Daniel Island Has a True Sense of Community

As stated above, my family and I love the sense of community here. It goes beyond saying hi to your neighbor; it has to do with getting involved and being a part of what makes life here special. There are groups for tennis, croquet, golf, water sports, and more. The country club holds oyster roasts, wine pairing dinners, Independence Day celebrations, and other events for members and their guests. There’s never a shortage of things to do and get involved in. 

(A bonus reason to buy sooner rather than later – just as the island is running out of undeveloped lots, the Daniel Island Club is running out of memberships. The number is limited, so if you want to be a part of the country club, then consider buying and joining soon!)

5. Beautiful Homes

Charleston is one of the most beautiful areas in the country, and Daniel Island is one of the most beautiful parts of Charleston. As a master planned community, it was developed so as to accentuate the beauty of the island. Daniel Island is the picture of the Lowcountry: marshes, waterways, live oak trees draped with Spanish moss, and, notably, the homes themselves. 

Daniel Island features a mix of different home types, from single-family to townhomes to apartments and condos. Though each home is distinct, many single-family homes feature double front porches with columns, gables, and dormer windows, in light colors to complement the surroundings. These classic Lowcountry design elements are elegant, gracious, and timeless, reflecting the best of life here. 

Ready to Explore Daniel Island? 

If you’re interested in seeing what Daniel Island real estate has to offer, or if you’re interested in Mount Pleasant or the wider Charleston, SC area, give me a call at 843-806-7222 or email me here. As a Daniel Island resident and Realtor®, I can show you the area and get you on the path to finding your dream home on Daniel Island. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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Work With Kenton

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