What trends in home design are taking off now that will be around for a while? Here are some of the top future home design trends you can expect to see grow in 2022 and over the next few years. 

Layouts for Multi-Generational Living

Bedrooms on the first floor aren’t a new thing; ground floor master bedrooms have been popular for a while now. But the trend of multi-generational living (which means at least two adult generations in the same household) takes this to the next level. 

More than just a ground-floor bedroom with ensuite bathroom, suites in houses designed for multi-generational living often have their own sitting room, perhaps a small yet functional kitchen, and even a separate entrance. Since these areas of the house are often inhabited by older adults, they may be designed with safety and accessibility in mind.  

For many reasons, more homeowners than ever are inviting their senior parents or adult children to live with them, and layouts for this kind of living balance closeness and privacy. Homebuyers interested in this trend can undertake a remodel of their existing home or work with a home builder that specializes in houses with layouts for multi-generational living, a specialty that’s increasingly common. 

More Defined Spaces 

Covid changed the way we work and the way we spend time at home. Over the past two years, many adults were working from home while their kids attended school virtually. With many people living in homes with open concept layouts, this made it challenging for each person to find their own space throughout the day. 

Even with adults now returning to work and kids returning to school in person, this experience has made many people rethink their love of layouts with expansive, open concept spaces, as it provides little privacy. So you can expect to see a return of homes with more defined spaces in the coming years. While the open kitchen doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, there will likely be an increase in the number of formal dining rooms, home offices, separate bonus rooms, and so on. This will allow everyone to have their own space and eliminate the need for certain rooms or areas to carry out double or triple duty, a la TV room that’s also a home office that’s also a school. 

Double Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island is ubiquitous; it’s almost difficult to find a home built in the last decade without one! But asking one kitchen island to handle food prep, serving, casual eating, and entertaining, as well as accommodating a sink, range, or microwave, might be too much. The double kitchen island solves this problem by having one island dedicated to food prep and sink/appliances and the other to eating and entertaining. Plus, it doubles your island storage. 

While the double kitchen island isn’t commonly found in new construction homes today, it is becoming increasingly popular in renovations and is requested more frequently in custom luxury homes. 

Butler’s Pantry or Second “Working” Kitchen 

Many people love the look and functionality of an open concept floor plan where the kitchen and living areas flow together in one space. What many people don’t love, however, is having a messy kitchen on full display.

Enter the butler’s pantry. This trend is showing up in more new construction homes, and there’s a good reason for it. Butler’s pantries are narrow rooms, often connecting the kitchen to the dining room, that may be just a few cabinets wide for extra storage or may be large enough to effectively be a second kitchen.  With extra storage, extra countertop space, and often extra appliances, it lets the home chef prep and even cook food without worrying about making a mess on the kitchen island out in the open. 

Rounded Arches

Rounded, or Roman/Romanesque arches are a classic architectural feature that will never really go out of style, but they are definitely a trend right now and will be for the foreseeable future. Rounded arches are a key feature in some architectural styles including Romanesque, Italianate, and Victorian, where you see them in exterior and interior doorways, windows, decorative moldings, fireplaces, alcoves, ceilings, and so on. 

Homeowners who live in homes without architectural arches have many options to incorporate them in design, such as adding an arched transom above a door or using drywall to turn an open, squared-off doorway into an arched one; renovating or adding an arched fireplace; painting an arch on a wall as a feature or to define a space; or simply adding pieces like an arched headboard or mirror. 

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